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What is a baby romper?

What is a baby romper? To me, it is the easiest way to make a matching and fashionable outfit for my child during a fast-paced day.If we are being technical, though, a baby romper is a one-piece garment with a loose fit that integrates a top (shirt) and bottom (pants) into a one-piece unit. Typically, the whole outfit shares the same print throughout the entire garment but can have multiple variations in the sleeve area such as straps, short sleeves, or my personal favorite--no sleeves. Another differentiating characteristic about rompers also referred to as jumpsuits, are the length of the bottom area. To be considered a jumpsuit the trouser part must be close to the ankles whereas rompers must stay...

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"Dressing your children should be fun!"

My name is Jeniffer Arias, owner and designer of Made by Jeniffer, I am a third generation seamstress, mother of two, who loves making beautifully handcrafted children’s clothes with unique and creative fabrics. The inspiration for my designs and style combinations came from my baby girl Mia -- her cuteness and distinct personality is the driving force behind my creations! It was during my first attempts to shop for Mia’s clothes that I noticed the limited selection of styles and multiple copies of generic sizes available, none of which, quite fit her body and personality. This experience fueled the beginning of our handmade clothing line for children that is custom fit to their body and reflective of their personality. While...

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